The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on May 1 banned entry into the country of three "hostile" individuals -- citizens of Italy, the Czech Republic and Russian Federation, who came to Ukraine to "cover" the 4th anniversary of the May 2 tragedy in Odesa.

The citizens of Italy and the Czech Republic were denied crossing into Ukraine in the Boryspil International Airport based on information received from other security agencies. As reported, they have been falsely covering the events in Ukraine over the recent years, the Border Guard Service reported.

"In particular, an Italian citizen under the guise of a photographer stayed in the occupied Donbas and repeatedly appeared on the so-called "Oplot TV Channel" where he voiced frankly falsified information about developments in eastern Ukraine. A citizen of the Czech Republic, who was also banned from entering Ukraine, turned out to be a journalist of a political publication. He distorted information and falsely covered the Ukrainian events as well. Of course, no one should hope for impartiality of those 'journalists' in covering the May 2 events in Odesa," the report said.

Read alsoSome Russian journalists not be allowed to cover Champions League final from KyivBorder guards also denied entry to a Russian national who failed to confirm the purpose of his trip during a routine interview. The Russian arrived with two children, allegedly as a representative of a designer clothes sales firm, but in fact he turned out to be a political observer of a Russian media outlet.

All three foreigners were put on return flights.

As was earlier reported, on the eve of May 2, enhanced security measures were taken in Odesa as the city on Wednesday was marking the fourth anniversary of street clashes and a massive fire in the House of Trade Unions.

UNIAN memo. On May 2, 2014, as a result of mass riots in Odesa involving pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists, 48 people were killed and nearly 300 - injured.

Clashes broke out in the city center, where several people were shot. Then pro-Ukrainian activists moved to the Kulikovo field, where separatists had sent their tents. The tents caught fire and then another fire broke out in the Trade Unions' House resulting in more casualties.

There are 19 suspects in a criminal case launched into the tragic events. One of them, Vladislav Ilnitsky, managed to flee to Russia in August.