Photo from Ukraine's Ministry of Defense

The defenders of the Donetsk airport were attacked with mortars and small arms, Selezniov wrote. Before this attack, terrorists had been shelling the new airport terminal in an attempt to totally demolish it, he said.

The night before, Russian-backed insurgents fired Grad rockets at Ukrainian fortifications near the villages of Triohizbenka, Sokolnyky and the Luhansk thermal power plant near the village of Shastya.

The situation at Debaltsevo is still bad, and last night the militants fired at ATO forces near the villages of Orlovo-Ivanivka and Komyshuvaha, Selezniov reported.

“Coordination between the artillery units of the ATO forces and Ukrainian soldiers at checkpoints helps them to resist effectively the plans that the terrorists are trying to implement in the Donbas. Ukrainian soldiers are managing to repel the attacks of the insurgents.”

Some of the injuries to the Ukrainian soldiers were due to explosions from mines laid by the militants, Selezniov said. He said the militants’ practice of laying mines over wide areas endangered the civilian population of the region.