Photo from Radio Liberty

"Today, the law enforcement agencies aim to uphold the law, and the counterintelligence agencies are working in Ukraine [to] eliminate external influences on the state’s affairs," he said in an interview with Radio Liberty on Wednesday.

He said the effectiveness of the country’s intelligence agencies could be judged by the success of the lawsuits that result from its work.

"There is a war, and these intelligence services are being organized in time of war,” Smeshko said.

“They know what to do. As for the intelligence [department] of the SBU, I see that it’s working effectively. As for the enforcement agencies, unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone from the close circles of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych being imprisoned."

In October, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko formed the Committee on Intelligence of the President of Ukraine and appointed Ihor Smeshko its chairman. Poroshenko ordered Smeshko not to withhold information, but to objectively inform the army, country and the whole world about military actions and threats facing Ukraine.