The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has passed the draft law on human organs donation (registration No. 2386-a-1).

The relevant decision was backed by 255 MPs registered in the session hall, an UNIAN correspondent has reported.

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The law specifies that every legally capable person of full age has the right to grant written consent or disagreement to donor organ recovery from his or her body for transplantation and/or manufacturing of bioimplants after determining their condition as irreversible death (brain death or biological death). Every legally capable person has the right at any time to submit a written application for revocation of their written consent or disagreement as to posthumous donation or to submit a new written consent or disagreement as to posthumous donation, which is to be registered in a national organ donation information system.

According to the draft law, if the deceased did not express consent or disagreement as to posthumous donation during life, the consent to donor organ recovery for transplantation is requested from the spouse or one of the relatives of that person (children, parents, siblings).

The draft law stipulates that organ donation shall be based on the following principles: voluntariness; humanity; anonymity; provision of donor organs to potential recipients for medical reasons; free-of-charge basis (except hematopoietic stem cells); compliance with the order of priority (except for family and cross-donation); respect for the body of a person in the case of posthumous organ donation.