Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko has said since the entry into force of the law on malicious non-payers of alimony, some UAH 1.5 billion been collected in favor of Ukrainian children.

"During this time, we have made serious progress in combating such a phenomenon as irresponsible paternity. During this time, some UAH 1.5 billion in debt on child support was paid in favor of Ukrainian children," he said at a government meeting Wednesday, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

Thus, 450,000 children have been repaid the debts that had been dragging for years, the minister said.

Petrenko added over 120,000 violators faced strict sanctions and restrictions on traveling abroad, driving vehicles, etc. Some 250,000 non-payers have been put in the public register, 10,000 are declared wanted, while 16,000 will be sent for community service.

Read alsoUkraine launches electronic register to force dads to pay child support – mediaAs UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on January 4 signed a law of Ukraine to amend some legislative acts to enhance the protection of children's rights, providing for compulsory recovery of debts for child support and alimony.

The law introduces new means of compulsory execution of decisions with regard to debtors who delayed payments of child support and alimony for over six months in total. In particular, the document establishes temporary restrictions for such individuals in the right to travel abroad, drive vehicles, use firearms and pneumatic weapons, as well as hunt.

In addition, the law envisages a new type of administrative penalty, namely community service.