Pavlo Hryb / Ihor Hryb Facebook

Ihor Hryb, the father of 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavlo Hryb, who is remanded in custody in Russia, has said the Russian Federation blocked money transfers to the account of his son, who needs funds to buy medicines and food.

"The State Finance Committee of the Russian Federation has blocked money transfers to Pavlo's account," he wrote on Facebook, noting that he learnt about this after his son kept in the No. 5 detention center in Krasnodar had been visited by Ukrainian consuls last week.

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"We have demanded for a long time that the detention center's administration allow Pavlo to buy (for his own money) vital essential drugs and food. And here is a new 'move' by the Russian side. It's hard to find another word than 'mockery.' It is not known how a sick body may survive after 9.5 months of detention, the lack of medicines and clean drinking water (purchased in the detention center). The struggle continues," Ihor Hryb said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Krasnodar's Oktyabrsky court in Russia on April 28 extended the term of arrest of Hryb, who was in August 2017 abducted from Belarus by the Russian security force and illegally arrested in the Russian Federation. The term was extended for another two months, until July 4.

He is charged under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (an act of terrorism). Russian investigators accused Pavlo Hryb of allegedly plotting a terrorist attack at a school assembly in Sochi.

Hryb is diagnosed with portal hypertension, which requires daily intake of necessary medications and a special diet, without which there is a risk of death. The Russian authorities do not provide him with proper medical treatment. Neither do they allow Ukrainian doctors to visit the teenager and examine his health.