March 8 in the eyes of famous men

16:12, 07 March 2008
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Somebody presents a necklace, somebody believes it a stupid Soviet holiday

March 8 - the International Day of Women Solidarity, is widely marked in Ukraine. It is a day-off work. UNIAN asked several well-known Ukrainian men how they mark it:


Yaroslav Sukhy, Party of Regions lawmaker:

My wife always helps me make right decisions. She advised me to run for parliament of the third convocation. I listened to her advice, and I won. I always consult with her. Our family always celebrates the holiday of March 8. My present is, of course, a big secret. I will not disclose what I will present my wife, because it will not be any surprise.

Les Podervyanskiy, writer

I do not consult with my wife on different details. I consult with her on strategic problems because she is very clever. As for March 8 – I have never marked this stupid Soviet holiday. Nobody in our family celebrates it.

Yuri Kostenko, Ukrainian People’s Party leader

Our relations with my wife are very open and sincere. We have a common life, common interests. We do not have such things as: Kostenko comes home, waits for his wife, and begins to consult how to vote for this or that decree. I just have a happy family life, I’m satisfied with it. My wife influences me positively – it is a fact. We understand each other without any discussions. We do not have a tradition to mark March 8. But, I do love spring, so, we celebrate this day as the day when the nature awaked. We are happy that this is a day off work, because it is an opportunity to be together.

Andriy Kurkov, writer

Pf course, I consult with my wife. There are problems that I do not solve without her. For instance, the issues concerning our house, our children, trips. Our main discussions are connected with our family life. If I’m invited somewhere abroad, at first I should ask her – whether she agrees that I will be absent.

On March 8, we do not mark any special holiday. But I congratulate my family: both wife and the daughter. I have already bought them presents.

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