Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko congratulated Ukrainian women on March 8, the International Day of Women Solidarity.

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers disclosed this to UNIAN.

“Spring won again! We celebrate again this beautiful and the most elegant holiday of the year – the 8th of March. It is our holiday. It is the day when men honestly recognize that it is impossible for them to live without us. They make us breakfasts, clean the rooms and silently thank the fortune that the 8th of March happens only once a year. During the other 365 days namely women shoulder the care about the family. And you never complain, never refuse God`s gifts because you are strong, courageous and beautiful – regardless of age”, reads the holiday speech of Yu.Tymoshenko.

The Prime Minister also expressed a desire “to embrace, protect and encourage” every Ukrainian woman and “to build the country, which will be a real, reliable home”.

“Believe me: I will build it for sure! I wish you happiness, beauty, love and warmth.

Love and be loved. Be glad and present the light of your soul. And I want to give an advance notice to men! If anyone of you dares to insult a woman –  he will answer to the Prime Minister. I congratulate you, my sisters!”, reads the congratulation of Yu. Tymoshenko.