According to Tupchienko, most of the main defendants in cases of Maidan revolution were incorrectly given notice that they were crime suspects.

"So these people have left Ukraine, but we know where they live now. We have identified the address of Mykola Azarov in Moscow region. We know that Colonel Petro Fedchuk has obtained Russian citizenship. We know for a fact that Serhiy Arbuzov is outside Ukraine, so reports that he was seen in Ukraine are false," Tupchienko said.

However, he said that the search for this person has not been canceled.

Tupchienko also expressed his doubts that Russia would extradite to Ukraine former Ukrainian officials suspected of crimes against Maidan protesters. He said that because of this, he could not say when they might face trial.

"Criminal processes do not just take a day - all procedural aspects must be complied with," Tupchienko said.

He also added that all criminal cases against officials of the 1-3 category, including first deputy ministers and members of the government, was in the competence of the General Prosecutor's Office, while the employees of the security forces have provided only operative support on these cases.