Igor Tridub, the coordinator of the Caritas Kharkiv charitable foundation's project on combating human trafficking, has warned Ukrainians against labor slavery abroad, which is becoming a new trend escalating into a disaster.

According to him, illegal employment is an extremely risky step.

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"If you do not have a labor contract and you agree to do one job, you may get something else in the end: if your documents are seized, you are restricted in access to health care, food, water, movement, communication with others, relatives, we can say that it is human trafficking, modern slavery," he said, according to Ukrainian TV Channel 5.

In this case, Tridub gives an example of how a Ukrainian came to Poland and got into labor slavery.

"A young guy who was in a difficult financial situation saw an advertisement in the newspaper. He went to Poland, where he was met and brought to the place of work. He lived in terrible conditions, worked 12-15 hours a day, he was given food once a day. His documents and a mobile phone were seized so that he could not contact his relatives, so that he could not call the police. And it lasted almost a month. After that, they just let him go and said: that's all, we no longer need you," the expert said.