"Several checkpoints and fortified positions of the Russian-backed insurgents were destroyed,” Tymchuk wrote.

“They removed the dead and wounded to the region of Olenivka. However, they did not remove bodies from some positions that were destroyed."

"A large enemy force, equipped with artillery and armored vehicles, is concentrated at Dokuchaievsk and Olenivka," he said.

"We have identified at least three reinforced tactical groups of Russian armed forces, and several teams of local militants as forward units, who will be the ones to suffer the first casualties. We have also recorded the functioning of an integrated command center of the insurgents in this region," Tymchuk said.

"In addition, Russian-backed insurgents have continued counter-battery fire on Ukrainian artillery forces in this region, opening fire mainly from the positions near Dokuchaievsk. Several artillery strikes on residential neighborhoods were also recorded," Tymchuk wrote.