U.S. Marines train with Ukrainian troops near Crimean Peninsula

22:59, 14 July 2018
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The purpose of Thursday's exercise was to increase combat effectiveness and demonstrate resolve among the 17 allied and partner nations participating in the training known as Exercise Sea Breeze, now in its 18th iteration, as reported by Stars and Stripes.

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Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the subsequent conflict in eastern Ukraine have led to a sharp increase in tensions throughout the region. Moscow warned on Thursday that the multinational maritime exercise represented "playing with fire" in the Black Sea area. The warning comes as President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin prepare to meet Monday in Helsinki.

The crackle of machine gun fire and crisp "pop" from the mortars carried across flat Ukrainian steppe as the fighters from both countries provided cover fire for Ukrainian BTR-4 armored transports, which speeded ground troops into position. Once dismounted, Ukrainian marines rushed the targets, engaging them with rifle and rocket fire.

Later that night, patrols of U.S. Marines and their Ukrainian counterparts conducted ambushes in darkness, utilizing mortar illumination rounds and night vision equipment from both countries.

The U.S. Marines of Weapons Platoon, Echo Company, 2-25, based in Harrisburg, Pa., have been demonstrating different tactics and giving classes on subjects such as enlisted leadership, while sharing a field camp with their Ukrainian counterparts since shortly before the exercise began Monday.

The daytime attack and night ambush were part of the inland fighting portion of the primarily naval Exercise Sea Breeze, taking place around the Black Sea.

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