What are Ukrainian sausages made of?

12:12, 11 March 2008
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Content of meat in Ukrainian sausages makes 7-15% - research

The sausages, which are sold in Ukrainian shops, consist by 45% of emulsion (grinded and boiled away light-gray porridge of skin, bones, byproducts, and meat waste), and by 25% - of soy protein. The rest consists of flour, starch, and flavor additives. Thus, the content of meat in the sausages makes 7%, and chicken – 15%. These are the results of a research, carried out by the Institute of Eco-Hygiene and Toxicology, names after L.Medved.

According to Mirror Weekly, the research indicates that small sausages consist of emulsion by 35%, of soy protein – by 30%, of meat – by 15%, of chicken – by 10%. Boiled sausages consist by 50% of emulsion and soy protein, by 10% - of meat, and by 30% - of chicken.

“If a sausage is produced of starch, soy, or other additives, it must be called, respectively, a soy stick, and must be sold at a respective price”, says Klavdia Maksymenko, who defends consumer rights within frames of EU and PROUN project “Community of Consumers and Public Organizations”. “The buyer should get an opportunity to choose between vegetable and meat components. He will know what he gives his children for breakfast – a meat product, or an emulsion with flavor additives”, she said.

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