The Kyiv Appeal Court is expected to pass sentence on the Gongadze case on March 15.

Lawyers of the accused have disclosed this to UNIAN.

According to the words of Valentyna Telychenko, Myroslava Gongadze`s lawyer, today the accused delivered their last statements at the trial. G.Gongadze`s mother, Lessia Gongadze, also attended the trial.

V.Telychenko noted that all the accused (Mykola Protasov, Valeriy Kostenko, and Oleksander Popovych), begged pardon of the Gongadze`s mother.

The lawyer also specified that, as of today, it is extremely important to establish the real motives of the murder of the journalist. According to her, Gongadze`s mother, as well as his widow, have no dobt that it was an ordered murder. V.Telychenko also pointed out that, as of today, the investigation into the customers of the murder is practically blocked by the prosecutor`s office. "It is no use expecting for any results, at least, this year", V.Telychenko said. To achieve results, the pressure of the Ukrainian society and the world community is necessary, the lawyer believes. At the same time, she doubts that it is still possible to reveal the real conditions of the crime, because 8 years have already passed since it was committed.

Yuri Hryhorenko, lawyer of accused V.Kostenko, expressed the common position of the defense: the accused did not have any previous concert about the murder, that is why the defense will ask court to make the verdict of not guilty on the case.

L.Gongadze claimed to journalists she will not appeal against any ruling of the trial. "I will not appeal against any ruling of this trial. They [the accused] are just executors, they are not murderers, while they want to present them to society as murderers", the journalist`s mother claimed.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on March 3, the Kyiv city Appeal Court again postponed the trial on the case of murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze due to the illness of one of the accused, Mykola Protasov. Myroslava Gongadze’s lawyer Valentyna Telychenko has disclosed this to journalists today. According to her information, it was announced in court that M.Protasov had a high pressure, and he was not even taken to court because of that. V.Telychenko stressed that now, before passing the sentence, the judges just have to listen to the final words of the accused and the lawyers of both the sides.