Photo from UNIAN

A traitor in Ukraine Army ranks who leaked information to the Russian-controlled Donbas militants has been exposed.

"In mid-July, the SBU's Military Counterintelligence Service, with the assistance of the command of a military unit, exposed a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who leaked information to the militants about the operations and positions of the Armed Forces in the area of the Joint Forces Operation, as well as stole and sold military equipment," the press center of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation (JFO) said on Facebook.

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It is noted that the 24-year-old contracted soldier, native of Zhytomyr region, hoping to receive a monetary reward through the social network, leaked to the militant of the so-called "DPR" information regarding the positions and military equipment of the Armed Forces in the JFO area, giving away GPS coordinates of their location.

Military counterintelligence also established the soldier, who is now taken into custody, planned to defect and had already received appropriate instructions.

In addition, for the purpose of personal enrichment and weakening the defense capacity of the unit, the detainee stole and sold online military equipment and other property provided by volunteers worth UAH 50,000.

Pre-trial investigation is under way.