Photo from UNIAN

Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko is awaiting final results of examinations in the cases of the Maidan shootings in February 2014, according to his press secretary Larisa Sargan.

Commenting on Lutsenko's meeting with the leaders of EuroMaidan public organizations, Sargan wrote on Facebook: "The participants discussed the reorganization of the Prosecutor General's Office, in particular of the Department of Special Investigations, headed by Serhiy Horbatyuk. The Prosecutor General once again stressed that no posts of the investigators or prosecutors were cut. And Horbatyuk himself will continue to investigate all Maidan cases, now as the head of the Office of Special Investigations."

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"Prosecutor General also informed that in the cases of the shootings on the Maidan in February 2014, the final results of examinations are awaited, while the investigation is practically completed. In addition, against virtually all high-ranking officials of the times of Viktor Yanukovych permission was granted by courts to conduct a special (in-absentia) investigation," she added.

Also, according to the press secretary of the Prosecutor General, the parties agreed to meet in the near future, since the progress in investigating the Maidan cases is seeing a positive trend.