In his interview to Ukrinform President Victor Yushchenko said that he would insist that the government together with the National Bank of Ukraine revised the inflation rates provided by 2008 budget and prepared a better anti-inflation measures set, according to the President`s press-office.

According to V. Yushchenko the necessity of inflation rates revision comes for instance out of the fact that during last two month prices have increased by around 5,7% with 8,7% increase in case with foodstuffs. As the result, President stressed, modification of some other budgetary rates, such as subsistence wages or pensions amounts would also be necessary.

Speaking about the causes for the situation President Yushchenko mentioned substantial increase of producer prices in 2007, rising food markets prices, government’s administrative interference in markets functioning, increase of prices for energy resources, unsettled situation at gas market, etc.