"At the same time, last week the exhibition was held at the European Parliament in Brussels. Madame Brasseur did not give a reason for her decision, but a reference to creating tension could indicate that she acted in the interests of the Russian delegation," he said.

"By the way, she is one of those who wants to see the return the Russian delegation to the PACE hall, in spite of all principles and norms of the Council of Europe that have been violated by the Russian Federation. Madame Brasseur is going to visit Kyiv on January 12-13, and we all have to tell her our disagreement with such position. In peaceful and intelligent way," Ariev said.

The “Donbas – War and Peace” exhibition features photographs from the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine, as well as Russian military equipment found there. A report on the exhibition by Ukraine Today, Ukraine’s 24-hour news channel, can be found here.

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