Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar has urged Poland to stop the persecution of Chairman of the Ukrainian society in Lublin Hryhoriy Kupriyanovych.

"I called to stop the criminal prosecution of historian Kupriyanovych, the chairman of the Ukrainian society in Lublin," Bodnar wrote on Twitter, saying he talked about that during a meeting with Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Pieklo.

According to Bodnar, the parties also discussed the ways of solving urgent issues of the Ukrainian-Polish relations.

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As reported earlier, the district prosecutor's office in Zamosc, Lublin province, opened an investigation into the statements of Chairman of the Ukrainian society in Lublin Hryhoriy Kupriyanovych, made at a commemorative event in Sahryn, dedicated to honoring Ukrainians killed there during the actions of the Polish armed underground in 1944.

According to the deputy district attorney in Zamosс, it is about an article of the Criminal Code concerning public insult to the Polish people or the Republic of Poland, which provides for imprisonment for up to three years.

Kupriyanovych has not yet been formally charged. The prosecutor's office will study a footage with his speech and find out all the circumstances of his statements.

According to Kupriyanovych, Lublin Governor Przemyslaw Czarnek appealed to the prosecutor's office, saying that the chairman of the Ukrainian society compared the events in Sahryn in 1944 with the events in Volhynia in 1943 and, and as Czarnek said, "equaled 130,000 victims (Poles) of the genocide (committed by Ukrainian nationalists) with several hundred civilian Ukrainians who died in Sahryn on March 10, 1944," "which could be a crime."