Photo by Roman Tsymbaliuk

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has upheld a ruling by the Moscow City Court on Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko's 12-year imprisonment for "espionage."

The relevant decision was announced by a judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Thus, the lawyer's appeal has failed, an UNIAN correspondent in Russia has reported.

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Sushchenko says he disagrees with the verdict and will continue the struggle for his release, including by lodging a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Moscow's city court on June 4 sentenced Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, a correspondent of the Ukrainian Ukrinform news agency, to a 12-year term in a high-security colony. The prosecutors insisted on 14-year imprisonment for Sushchenko.

He was charged with "espionage," as the Russian authorities insist he is an "operative" of Ukraine's intelligence service.

The FSB detained Sushchenko at a Moscow airport upon his arrival on September 30, 2016.

The court started considering the Sushchenko case on March 27, 2018.