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Residents of Crimea continue to complain about the consequences of chemical leaks on the Russian-occupied peninsula.

The situation is worsening not only in the town of Armyansk in the north of the peninsula, but also in the town of Yany-Kapu.

Local residents write about the death of animals in agony, publishing photos of sick pets.

Видео дня
Crimean Banderovets

"A neighbor's cat has died, vomiting brownish foam," people write on the network.

People also suffer from what has been happening, while the authorities assure that the environmental situation on the peninsula is normal.

"I have tears, runny nose, sore throat, headache, dizziness, and cough. The authorities say it's just a fog. Of course, we are used to chemical emissions here, but this has not happened before," a resident of Yany-Kapu said.

Crimean Banderovets

As UNIAN reported earlier, acid leaks at the Crimean Titan plant were reported in Crimea's north in the early hours of August 24. Crimean environmentalists explained the leaks by heat and the lack of water in the North Crimean Canal. Children were evacuated from the affected areas for two weeks.

A possibly repeat release of sulfuric acid in the town of Armyansk was reported on September 13.