Ukraine Today presents five heavy artillery fake stories that have shelled minds and bombed perceptions of Russian speakers around the world.   

There is the story of the woman of many faces, Maria Tsypko, who appeared in videos from different parts of Ukraine advocating separatism and promoting pro-Russian views.

The “slavery project” is also among the top five – a fake report of plans to grant Ukraine’s National Guard fighters two slaves each for their service.

In attempts to paint Europe and the United States as havens of immorality, a YouTube video was faked up on Russian TV, with a young boy allegedly discovering his parents had had his room decorated with gay pornography. The creators of the original video, which had a totally different theme, have threatened to sue.

Fake satellite images aired on Russian media and later effectively debunked by professionals, meant to discredit Ukrainian Military Forces, attempted to make Ukraine look responsible for shooting down the Malaysian MH17 Boeing 777.

The list is topped by the tale of the boy, “crucified in front of his own mother.” The Russian TV channel later admitted to having absolutely no proof of the horrific claims.

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