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A two-week quarantine is announced in the village of Minyalivka in Odesa region's Saratskyi district where an outbreak of anthrax has been recorded.

The State Emergencies Service and the police set up six checkpoints there. Sanitary services are carrying out disinfection in the village. Anthrax infection has been confirmed in one person among five local residents hospitalized, the TV news service TSN said on October 3.

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As reported, officers of the National Guard of Ukraine are being deployed in the area. They are expected to cordon off the region, set up tents with rescuers, and arrange accommodation for people in case of their emergency evacuation. Veterinarians and doctors are monitoring nearby villages.

"We have vaccinated cattle in the 20-kilometer zone, as well as conducted complete medical examination of residents in the villages of Minyalivka, Furativka, Faraonivka, Petropavlivka and Starosilia regarding the anthrax infection. No more cases have been confirmed except for these five local residents being hospitalized to the Sarata district hospital," Chairman of Sarata District State Administration Anton Loban said.

People in the village are scared, but there is no panic. They are most afraid of the possible destruction of livestock that feeds many families.

It is also reported the state of health of those hospitalized residents of Minyalivka has been improved. They receive the necessary treatment in the district hospital. Doctors say the first man who was diagnosed with anthrax will be discharged from the hospital in two days.

UNIAN memo. Anthrax is a particularly dangerous infectious disease of livestock and wild animals, as well as humans. It is characterized by intoxication, the development of serosanguineous inflammation of skin, lymph nodes, and internal organs. It proceeds as cutaneous or septic infection (animals also have intestinal and pulmonary forms of infection).