"The customs clearance of humanitarian cargo in Russia’s Rostov region at Matveev Kurgan and Donetsk border crossing points was completed. After that, more than 60 vehicles started moving in the direction of Donetsk and the same number of trucks were heading towards Luhansk," he said.

Earlier, a column of more than 120 vehicles of the Ministry of Emergency Situations divided into two before heading for the two Ukrainian cities.

"More than 700 tonnes of humanitarian aid will be delivered to Donetsk, and the same amount to Luhansk," Voronov said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russia has already sent 10 convoys to the territories in Donbas that are occupied by pro-Russian militants, with the last such convoy crossing Ukrainian border on December 21, 2014.

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has stated that all these Russian convoys have been sent into Ukraine without Kyiv’s permission, and they "serve only as the means of supporting armed men."

The council said the trucks mainly imported ammunition, rations and weapons to the territories controlled by the rebels.

Russia has refused to allow the aid convoys to be fully inspected by the Ukrainian authorities. It sends them through border crossing points where the Ukrainian side is not under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, and only to areas of Ukraine where militant groups have seized control.