Karpuntsov said, in a posting on Facebook, that the case would be under the personal supervision of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema.

Karpuntsov said that the presidential representative on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbas, MP Iryna Herashchenko, had sent a request to the prosecutor general asking that he verify reports of the involvement of Yefremov and Korolevska in financing the Russian-backed militants in eastern Ukraine.

"In view of significant public outcry and the need for a rapid response to manifestation of 'pro separatism' moods, I have submitted the appropriate request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine," Karpuntsov said.

According to him, on January 6, Yarema "tasked the first deputy to register [Herashchenko’s] statement in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations and conduct a pre-trial investigation into [the alleged activities of] Yefremov, Korolevska and others."