Crimean Solidarity

Russian law enforcers in the occupied Crimea handed over a notice "on prevention of the violation of law in the field of extremism and terrorism" to lawyers Edem Semedlyaev and Lilia Gemedgi, as well as coordinator of Crimean Solidarity NGO Dilaver Memetov.

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"Semedlyaev, Gemedgi, and Memetov have not been detained and restricted in freedom. They were given a notice on prevention of the violation of law in the field of extremism and terrorism," the NGO said in a statement on Saturday.

Crimean Solidarity says all three activists have not been presented with procedural status so far.

"The prosecutor's office received information from [the Russian-controlled] Center for Counteraction to Extremism that the activists are preparing single-person pickets. So, they were given a warning, supposedly as organizers," the human rights activists said.

As was earlier reported, officers of the prosecutor's office and security agencies, accompanied by masked individuals raided the premises were lawyers, public defenders and relatives of political prisoners held a monthly meeting.

The officers said their purpose was to hand over an order to Memetov and Gemedgi to appear before the prosecutor's office.

The security agencies used video recording amid the raid, although it is forbidden by the law, the NGO added.