"The situation in the anti-terrorist operation zone has stabilized, tending towards a decrease in the number and intensity of attacks," he said.

According to him, from 1800 last night until this morning, illegal armed groups attacked the positions of ATO forces 18 times.

The total number of militant attacks on the positions of Ukrainian military over last day was 75, Matiukhin said.

"The escalation [of the conflict] remains high in the area of Donetsk airport and the settlements near it,” he said.

“At 2300 yesterday the militants fired at the [airport’s] meteorological tower, while launching several attacks at Ukrainian military positions around the airport, "he said.

In addition, using mortars and artillery, the militants shelled Ukrainian fortifications near the settlements of Staromykhailivka, Taranchuk, Arkhangelsk, Tonenke, Maloorlivka, Leninske and Shastya (in Luhansk region).

The settlements of Tonenke, Maryinka, Pisky and Olenivka were shelled with Grad multiple rocket launcher systems.