Arms caches revealed at abandoned children's camp in Luhansk region

12:20, 04 November 2018
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"During the inspection of the territory and premises of the abandoned children's camp, the police found a room and a basement full of crates with various types of weapons and ammunition," the regional PD reported.  

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The bomb squad seized four RPG-22 and four RPG-26 grenade launchers, 130 PG-7 grenade launchers, 140 powder charges for PG-7 shots, 246 grenades (F-1, RGD-5, RGN, RGO), 339 fuses, 70 RDG-2B smoke grenades, 80 14.5 mm rounds with MDS blowers, 31 fuses, and five DM-11 smoke mines.

They also seized 701 FOG shots, two signal mines, a TNT block, five RPG grenades, four grenade launcher engines, two PG 22 combat units, two 30mm projectiles and about 54,000 rounds of various calibers.

Earlier, Zaporizhia police revealed a drug plantation and arsenal of weapons.

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