Ukraine police discovered two large caches of weapons and ammunition at an abandoned children's camp in the village of Shchedryshcheve near Severodonetsk, Luhansk region.

"During the inspection of the territory and premises of the abandoned children's camp, the police found a room and a basement full of crates with various types of weapons and ammunition," the regional PD reported.  

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The bomb squad seized four RPG-22 and four RPG-26 grenade launchers, 130 PG-7 grenade launchers, 140 powder charges for PG-7 shots, 246 grenades (F-1, RGD-5, RGN, RGO), 339 fuses, 70 RDG-2B smoke grenades, 80 14.5 mm rounds with MDS blowers, 31 fuses, and five DM-11 smoke mines.

They also seized 701 FOG shots, two signal mines, a TNT block, five RPG grenades, four grenade launcher engines, two PG 22 combat units, two 30mm projectiles and about 54,000 rounds of various calibers.

Earlier, Zaporizhia police revealed a drug plantation and arsenal of weapons.