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There is no prohibition on the participation of Patriarch Filaret in the election of the head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, according to archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Yevstratiy Zorya, wrote on Facebook, commenting on the relevant information voiced by the Moscow Patriarchate.

According to Yevstratiy, Filaret for many years has been the main target of Moscow's struggle against the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

“Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that at the time when His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a document in the Ecumenical Patriarchate that guaranteed and directly approximated the moment of receipt of autocephaly by the Ukrainian Church of a tomos, Moscow spins another fake news spin. Its obvious goal is to complicate the situation, sow division, hinder the process, which is now approaching a successful conclusion,” he said.

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The Archbishop stressed that the process of preparation for the Unification Council continues, despite all the difficulties and opposition.

“To be or not to be a candidate, to agree to accept or refuse the nomination is the personal canonical and statutory right of Patriarch Filaret. There is no, and there cannot be any ban on nomination from any side. There is an exchange of views as part of a normal process aimed at achieving a common goal - a better future for the Church in Ukraine,” noted Yevstratiy.

He also stressed that the election process itself and the nomination of candidates take place only at the Council, therefore all debates before the Council is held take place in the context of a discussion of possibilities.

Earlier, Metropolitan Anthony expressed the opinion that Filaret and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) chief Makariy “will not be able” to participate in the elections for the highest post of the Ukrainian autocephalous church.

According to him, there is information about the corresponding letter sent Constantinople.