Andriy Manchuk, journalist of Gazeta Po-Kiyevskiy daily newspaper has intent to initiate a criminal case against Kyiv police for hampering his journalist activities.

According to the newspaper, on March 16, the journalist was injured at a protest action in Kyiv. Presently he is undergoing a medical treatment in hospital.

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In particular, A.Manchuk claims the following: “There was nothing provocative. However, suddenly policemen began to catch people. I was one of those caught. Nobody offered them any resistance”. At the same time, the newspaper stresses that there were several journalists among those detained by the police, and they informed the police that they were journalists, but without any result.

A.Manchuk also pointed out that the man, who commanded to detain people, “roughly ordered to push all of us into a police car, which was already overcrowded”.

“When I was pushed into the car, I stroke with my head on the car door. They were pushing me until I lost my conscience, after that they pulled me and threw with my face on the asphalt”, the journalist said.

The journalist has intent to bring a criminal case against the police for hampering his journalist activities as soon as he recovers.

At the same time, the press-service of the Kyiv Directorate of the Interior Ministry informed UNIAN that “the police were acting within frames of the existing legislation. Nobody applied any physical force against people, and nobody was detained”.