Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers launched into the sky toward Horlivka, the town now occupied by Russian proxy forces, balloons with leaflets.

Volunteers from the Povernys Zhyvym [Come Back Alive] project have posted on social networks the video showing soldiers of Ukraine's Joint Forces Operation and Donetsk-born activists sending balloons with about 4,000 leaflets in the direction of the Russian-occupied town of Horlivka.

"On November 11, the militants tried to hold the so-called 'elections' in the occupied part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. On this day, JFO soldiers sent balloons with leaflets to Horlivka, saying: 'Say No to fake elections in the occupied territory. When you vote for terrorists, you betray Ukraine!' and 'Elections without a choice. Putin has already voted for you. Terrorism and separatism are criminal offenses,'" the volunteers said in a statement.

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They also mentioned the illegal nature of pseudo-elections.

In addition, the leaflets reminded about the program launched by the SBU Security Service of Ukraine titled "Someone's Waiting for You Back Home," which explains how, by cooperating with the Ukrainian security forces, persons from the occupied territories could avoid criminal liability for certain offenses.