“Shakhtar” football club president Rinat Akhmetov expressed sympathy to photo-correspondent of Ukrinform news agency Ihor Tkachenko, who was beaten by “Olimpiyskiy” stadium director Hennadiy Kalishchuk in Donetsk on March 15, during a match between “Shakhtar” and “Metallist”.

According to I.Tkachenko, Ukrainian tycoon R.Akhmetov has called him twice and expressed sympathy.

“Rinat Leonidovych [Akhmetov] called me twice. He called the incident an outrageous fact. He does regrets that the incident took place, expressed sympathy, and wished me to recover as soon as possible”, I.Tkachenko said.

According to him, R.Akhmetov also proposed to pay for the expensive medicines, necessary for the journalist.