Russia's special services, within the framework of the Kremlin’s concept of bringing, or returning, pro-Russian forces to power in Ukraine, are further trying to destabilize the social and political situation in Ukraine, both on the eve of the next anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity and on the eve of the next year's entire electoral cycle, says the Information Resistance OSINT community.

This is being done by creating and employing various pseudo-patriotic and pseudo-nationalistic projects, as well as taking further destructive action, including provocations, under their flags, the Information Resistance wrote.

The main goal of Russian intelligence's destructive projects is to act as a ram and at a certain moment to make a dent in the social and political situation that the clearly pro-Russian forces will exploit and expand in their own interests.

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At the same time, these “patriotic” projects, claiming to be antagonists of the pro-Russian forces, still play up to them and constantly feed them more "evidence" to support Russian propaganda rhetoric.

Also, in the framework of these projects' implementation, certain players appear in the media arena, allegedly acting as American agents of influence, to impose on the general public the following idea: “It is on the instructions from Washington that they came here to destabilize the situation and alter the political order, because U.S. leaders are tired of the Ukrainian government."

Back in May-June of this year, the IR community wrote that the Kremlin created a new political project, whose task is to create a negative image of Ukraine in the international arena and, if possible, to destabilize social and political situation in Ukraine from within with the use of the radical component – agents of Russian special services, as well as various “useful idiots.” The name of the project is “First National Ukrainian Congress.”

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Head of the organization, Rustam Tashbayev, a U.S. citizen (who had previously come to the attention of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies), in May of this year convened a meeting of the  so-called Congress in Prague (Czech Republic). The event should rather be called a meeting of radicals who advocate the elimination of the Ukrainian state system.

Participants recognized the Ukrainian parliament as illegitimate; designated the Congress as an alternative legislative assembly; and called the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine criminal organizations.

According to Tashbaev’s official statement, the “congressmen” seek to create parallel security structures in the country, form alternative “people's prosecutor’s offices” and a “people's tribunal” (perhaps, in the form of KGB-style "troikas"), etc.

But it should be noted that today's ardent supporter of the Revolution of Dignity and a fighter for the rights of Ukrainian military personnel never participated in Euromaidan - he did not even support the struggle of Ukrainians for changing the political vector from pro-Russian to pro-European.

So, during the tragic events at the Maidan and the shooting of protesters by Yanukovych's riot police (late 2013 – early 2014), the organizer of the Congress would post on his Facebook profile pictures of motorcycles and half-naked models - that was apparently what interested him at that moment.

It was only in August 2014 that he published his first political post on a social network – and it was about Nadiia Savchenko, Kremlin's political prisoner from Ukraine, who, after being released from a Russian prison and returning triumphantly back home, soon took a number of quite strange steps that brought her behind bars for attempting a coup and plotting a terror attack downtown Kyiv.

The climax of Tashbaev's efforts in Ukraine was putting up tents in the central part of Kyiv on June 7, 2015, and branding the action “Maidan 3.0.”

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Subsequently, the pathetic rally of "patriotic activists" was dispersed, while Tashbaev was deported from Ukraine. At the same time, the Security Service of Ukraine has already stated that the provocations had been financed through the terrorist organizations of "DPR" and "LPR," that is, under the direct supervision of the Russian special services.

Meanwhile, a protest action in Kyiv was announced on social networks this weekend, calling for “destroying the marauding oligarchy.” In comments to such appeals, Tashbaev said that now is not yet the right moment to organize revolutionary action (because no revolutionary bodies and infrastructure have been formed yet), but he doesn't mind if members of his “First National Ukrainian Congress” come out and take part in the action on Nov 18.

At the same time, according to information from the already ex-followers of Tashbaev in Ukraine, who realized that they had become part of “someone else's game”, namely the game of the Russian special services, where they could simply become "bargaining chips," it is Vasyl Liubarets who is behind the mass protest scheduled for November 18. The man is yet another American passport holder, known to have stood behind the "March to Kyiv" back in 2013 following the scandal in Vradiyivka [protests caused by the crimes of local police], which at that time was very actively exploited by the Russian propaganda media.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda, for example, specifically focused on the message that Lyubarets was a U.S. agent and a “Mormon,” working to organize mass unrest and destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

However, already back then, here appeared bits of information in the media and on social networks claiming that Liubarets was simply a provocateur funded by Russian intelligence.