Some 32% of Ukrainians say they believe in God with absolute certainty / Photo from

Ukraine ranks 11th among 34 European countries in terms of overall religiosity, according to Pew Research.

Some 31% of Ukrainians are highly religious, according to an analysis of recent Pew Research Center surveys in the 34 countries.

The analysis shows that religion is very important to 22% of Ukrainians (ranked by importance of religion). Some 35% of respondents attend a religious service once a month, 29% pray daily. Some 32% of Ukrainians say they believe in God with absolute certainty.

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The list, which was published on December 5, also includes Belarus (13th place) with 27% of highly religious people; Russia shares 20th place with Norway and Hungary (17% each), Pew Research Center reported.

Romania tops the list of the most religious European countries, as 55% people in that country are highly religious (based on an overall index); it is followed by Armenia (51%) and Georgia (50%). The lowest level of religious commitment was recorded in the Czech Republic (8%), Denmark (8%), and Estonia (7%).

The research was conducted in 2015 and 2017. At that time, about 56,000 people who are 18 and older were interviewed by phone or in person.

The index is created by combining four individual measures of religious observance: self-assessment of religion's importance in one's life, religious service attendance, frequency of prayer, and belief in God. Respondents are assigned a score of 1 on each of the four measures on which they exhibit a high level of religious observance, a score of 0 on each of the measures on which they exhibit a medium level of religious observance, and a score of -1 on each measure on which they exhibit a low level of religious observance.

High religious observance is defined as saying religion is very important in one's life, attending religious services at least once a month, praying at least once a day, and believing in God with absolute certainty.