The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has made an unprecedented decision not to accept any motions from Ukrainian lawyer Natalia Tselovalnichenko.

The judges of the ECHR have decided that Natalia Tselovalnichenko, a practicing lawyer from Kyiv, shall be banned from submitting applications or in any other way assist the applicants to the ECHR, both in claims already submitted court and in future claims, according to the court's official report, a copy of which is at the disposal of the European Pravda news outlet.

The decision is reported as "unprecedented" because such an option is not provided for by the court rules. However, the ECHR made the move, apparently as a result of systematic destructive activities on the part of the Ukrainian lawyer.

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"The court dismissed Tselovalnichenko taking into account her fraudulent and insulting activities, in particular because the number of documents she filed with the court has obvious signs of forgery, while some complaints were submitted in the interests of deceased persons without notifying the court of their death," reads the EP report.

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The ECHR has already appealed to the government of Ukraine with a request to inform the lawyers association about the reasons for the decision.

Natalia Tselovalnichenko is a lawyer from Luhansk, who is now practicing law in Kyiv.

She is known to experts in the ECHR field because she had been trying to "flood" the ECHR with complaints related to Ukraine over the Donbas hostilities. The vast majority of complaints drafted with her participation have been rejected as inadmissible.

"Over 100 people appealed to us, claiming their homes had been destroyed in the shelling... A person submits a copy of their passport with residence registration, for example, in Donetsk region, and a photo of some destroyed house. What is the connection between them? Absolutely unclear," ECHR Judge Anna Yudkivska said, according to EP.