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In this case, Crimean students who want to receive a Ukrainian diploma together with a Russian one have to register on the Web site of the International Ukrainian School in the “externae” category.

"This procedure can give the right for the Crimean students to receive a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education of 2015. This is now the only way that children from the Crimea can get a Ukrainian diploma," Potapova said.

The Admissions Committee of external studies will accept applications from Crimean students until February 10. If they are recorded, they will receive an individual plan, educational tasks via the Internet, the ability to use the Web resources of the school, and a username and password.

Consultations will be held in Skype and via chat with school teachers. All students will have a director of studies.

According to an expert, these education services are free and do not require students to leave the territory of Crimea. The physical presence of a student is required at the International Ukrainian School only during the final state examinations.