"If you are directly involved in combat operations on the orders of the command, you will get another UAH 1,000 for each combat day in addition to your regular salary," he said.

At the same time, Yatseniuk said that the government decision on a special system to ensure the participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation has been valid since last year.

"In 2014, the salaries of the National Guard and the Armed Forces military increased by eight times. The highest level of salaries has the commanders, it’s UAH 24,000," Yatseniuk said.

"The total amount of funding for the military in 2015 will be about UAH 90 billion," he added.

As reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to introduce a reward for the destruction of the enemy equipment. In particular, payment for the destruction of a vehicle will be 10 minimum salaries or UAH 12,000; a tank - 40 minimum salaries or UAH 48,000; multiple rocket launchers - 50 minimum salaries or UAH 60,000; and a combat aircraft - 100 minimum salaries or UAH 121,000.