Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk claims that Ukraine’s eventual joining NATO MAP at the upcoming Alliance Summit in Bucharest is untimely.

He said this in an interview to “Izvestiya” newspaper.

A.Yatseniuk believes that should the decision on MAP be adopted now, “it will look as throwing down the gauntlet to Russia by NATO”.

In the opinion of the Verkhovna Rada Speaker, the time of Ukraine will come only at the regular Summit, and Ukraine will be able to become a full-fledged NATO member only in 10 years.

“But, the question is, what will be the Alliance by that time, will there appear any alternative systems of Euro-Atlantic security? I think, there will be [such systems], and Ukraine will take part in them. Maximum that Ukraine can expect is to receive a message, proposing to approach NATO in line with the previously signed annual plan”, A.Yatseniuk said.

Commenting on the upcoming visit of the U.S. President in Ukraine, the Speaker noted that it will be a very good signal for the international community. “It will be the first visit of the U.S. President in Ukraine over the last 8 years”, he said.