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Law on mine action in Ukraine (No. 2642-VIII) came into force today, January 25.

The legislation establishes that Ukraine shall have national standards in the field of mine action, which are developed taking into account the provisions of international mine action standards (IMAS), approved by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS).

The main purpose of mine action in Ukraine is to reduce the risk associated with explosives.

Mine action includes inspection, marking, and mapping.

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The financing of mine action may involve, including, financial resources from donors, international technical assistance in the form of grants, as well as returnable and irrevocable financial assistance from international organizations.

The law also defines the types of assistance to victims of mines and ordnance: medical, psychological, professional and social assistance, to reduce the effects of injuries sustained.

The territory of Ukraine, where hostilities were recorded, shall be considered an area "likely contaminated with explosive objects."

In addition, it has been established that, within the limits of authority granted in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, operations of mine action bodies are subject to democratic civic control.

A national mine action authority shall be formed by the government. Such a body will ensure coordination of measures for the management and regulation of mine action in Ukraine.