Ukraine may refuse from participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, as announced by a member of the board of the National Public TV and Radio Company, Oleksandra Koltsova.

According to her, the Broadcaster is now negotiating with KAZKA band over their possible participation in Eurovision.

“But it seems to me that now, in this situation, this is a crisis where there is no definite answer, a correct one, because our public has been divided,” said Koltsova.

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She also noted that before March 8-10, the Broadcaster and the entrant must present to the organizers of the contest Ukraine's song with the storyboard to the performance.

When asked whether KAZKA could represent Ukraine, or it could be no one at all, Koltsova replied: “It could be no one.”

Read alsoEBU on MARUV: "Each broadcaster responsible for selection of own participants for Eurovision"As UNIAN reported, MARUV, a winner of this year's national selection for the Eurovision song contest, has not been allowed to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv, Israel, this May, according to UA:PBC, a public broadcaster that is entitled to sign a corresponding contract with the potential participant.

"The public broadcaster and MARUV, a singer who won the national selection for Eurovision, failed to reach an agreement on the issue of her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for a number of reasons," the report said.

It was noted that following the negotiations, the broadcaster and the artist failed to find a common vision regarding the mission of Ukraine's representative at the international song contest.

According to Eurovision rules, the broadcaster must ensure the non-political nature of the competition, while the developments around this year’s national selection have signs of politicization.