Ukraine has set up 200 constituencies / Photo from UNIAN

Forty-six Ukrainian constituencies have submitted their reports as of 15:00 Kyiv time on March 31, according to which there was a 44.36% turnout of voters on Ukraine's Election Day.

This information was posted on the website of Ukraine's Central Election Commission.

The regional turnout split is the following: 41.12% in Vinnytsia region(constituencies 11-18), no data from Volyn region (19-23), 48.52% in Dnipropetrovsk (24-40), 44.16% in Donetsk region (41-61), 46.31% in Zhytomyr region (62-67), 24.77% in Zakarpattia (68-73), 48.35% in Zaporizhia region (74-82), 31.81% in Ivano-Frankivsk region (83-89), 46.27% in Kyiv region (90-98).

There is no information about the turnout in Kirovograd region (constituencies 99-103), Mykolaiv region (127-132), Rivne region (152-156), Kherson region (182-186), while the turnover in Luhansk region (104-114) was 43.90%, while it was 37.92% in Lviv region (115-126), 45.33% in Odesa region (133-143), 47.54% in Poltava region (144-151).

There is a 47.26% turnout of voters in Sumy regions (constituencies 157- 62), 40.88% in Ternopil region (163-167), 44.61% in Kharkiv region (168-181).

Khmelnytsky region (constituencies 187-193) reported a 50.25% turnout, Cherkasy region (194-200) 46.76%, Chernivtsi region (201-204) 38.86%, Chernihiv (205-210) 47.01%.

A turnout of voters in the city of Kyiv (constituencies 211-223) was 46.48%.

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UNIAN memo. The presidential elections are under way in Ukraine on March 31. According to the election schedule, polling stations opened at 08:00 Kyiv time on Ukraine's Election Day and will work until 20:00, inclusively. The Central Election Commission registered 39 presidential candidates. Ukrainians are voting for 37 out of the 39 candidates on the ballot, as two of the candidates announced withdrawal after the ballots were printed.

Two hundred constituencies have been created by Ukraine. The approximate number of polling stations, according to the CEC website, is 29,989. Some 101 polling stations are abroad.