A storm alert was announced in Ukraine for Tuesday.

According to the National Weather Center, wind blows up to 17-22 m/s are expected in Ukraine on March 25; in Carpathians and Crimea – up to 25-30 m/s. The western and central Oblasts will see heavy precipitation, sleet, rains; the northern, central part of Ukraine and the south will see strong thunderstorms, heavy rains, and ice-covered ground. At the same time, the east of Ukraine will see dense fogs. Carpathians will see heavy snowfalls.

The temperature on general will be 5-0 Celsius degrees below zero at night, and 0-5 Celsius degrees above zero during the day.

On March 26-27, Ukraine will see cloudy weather with sunny spells. From time to time it will be snowing and sleeting, the roads will be ice-covered. The temperature will be from 2 Celsius degrees above zero to 3 C degrees above zero at night, and 2-7 Celsius degrees above zero during the day.