As of today, the average salary in Ukraine makes up 1500 hryvnias [~EURO 187.5]. The average salary of Ministers is ten times bigger, according to Delo newspaper. Contrary to an average Ukrainian citizens, the majority of Ministers do not worry about the dwelling issues, cars and deposits.

For instance, Labor and Social Policy Minister Liudmyla Denysova could refuse receiving her salary at all. In 2006, her incomes made up more than 10 mln hryvnias [EURO 1.25 mln]. Her family owns a land, a flat, a fourth part of a house, they also have three cars - Audi A6, Rover Mini Cooper and Volkswagen. The salary of L.Denysova is, probably, the highest, compared to other Ministers. According to the Labor Ministry’s accounting department chief Tetyana Stukaliuk, her monthly salary makes 18.6 thousand hryvnias [~EURO 2.325 ].

The salary of Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko makes 18 599 hryvnias [~EURO 2324], according to the Interior Ministry’s press-service. However, contrary to the Labor Minsiter, his incomes for the past years are much less. In 1006, Yuri Lutsenko was even provided with a material aid at 50 thousand hryvnias [~EURO 6.25 thousand].

The third place by the level of salary is occupied by Transport and Communication Minister of Ukraine Yosyp Vinskiy. “I received 18 300 hryvnias [~EURO 2287] for February”, the official confessed.

The least salary is received by Health Minister Vassyl Knyazevych. “I receive a Minister’s salary, that is around 6 thousand hryvnias [~EURO 750]. I refused from all bonuses until the salary is not increased to average employees of the Ministry”, he noted.