President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims that Ukraine’s joining NATO does not jeopardize its neighbor countries, as well as the countries, with which Ukraine maintains friendly relations.

 According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this at a session of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in Crimea today.

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“I would like to state as the President to Ukraine’s neighbors: after Ukraine joins NATO, no new risks will appear for the countries, with which we maintain relations, for our neighbor countries”, the President stressed.

V.Yushchenko pointed out that, as of today, the question of Ukraine’s joining NATO has not been raised at all. Only Ukraine’s joining NATO Membership Action Plan is on agenda, he said. “The choice will be made in years”, the President stressed.

According to him, the main aim of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine is not to form a policy against anybodym but to determine the country’s interests, to identify the country.