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Ukrainian MP and coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT Group Dmytro Tymchuk says residents of Russian-occupied Donbas, who are willing to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation, are massively disappointed in a heavily bureaucratized procedure.

"The granting of Russian passports in the occupied territories [the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic ("DPR") and Luhansk People's Republic ("LPR")] turned into a farce. Locals who are willing to get a second citizenship are massively complaining about the extreme bureaucratization of the 'simplified' procedure: they need to first obtain 'passports' of 'DPR/LPR', as well as spend a lot of time to get various certificates and notarized copies of Ukrainian documents to receive Russian passports. Moreover, all these services cost money," he wrote on Facebook on May 17.

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The so-called "militia veterans" express particular discontent, the report says.

At the same time, a considerable number of "intermediaries" emerged, offering for additional fees to speed up the process and even register relatives of their "clients" from unoccupied territory in "DPR/LPR" and "help" them obtain passports of the self-proclaimed republics to get Russian passports, the MP added.