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Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Andrii Sybiha has said another two Turkish airports turned down the long-obsolete spelling of the capital of Ukraine that was derived from Russian, switching to a correct spelling, that is, "Kyiv."

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"Another two airports in Turkey, in Ankara and Antalya, joined the campaign #CorrectUA and from now on #KyivNotKiev," he wrote on Twitter on May 17, 2019.

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UNIAN memo. When Ukraine was as part of the USSR, the name of its capital in the English-language media was delivered in a manner that corresponded to the Russian pronunciation, that is, Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities now insist that the name of the city be spelled the Ukrainian way, that is, Kyiv.

On October 2, 2018, the Foreign Ministry, together with StratCom Ukraine Center for Strategic Communications, launched the "#CorrectUA" campaign, within which the team turn to foreign media to correct the spelling of Kiev (#KyivNotKiev).