Zelensky says police will conduct an internal probe / Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on law-enforcement agencies not to take measures against political protesters if they obey law.

"I've figured out the situation regarding the alleged detention of a young man and a [teenage] girl who staged a protest against me in Rivne. There was no detention, but law enforcers could have acted softer. The police will conduct an official probe," Zelensky said on Facebook on Sunday, May 26.

"I call on the Interior Ministry not to take measures against political protesters if people obey law. I am not afraid of criticism," Zelensky said.

Earlier, First Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko said she was drafting a request to the National Police regarding the detention of two young people in the city of Rivne who simultaneously staged one-person protests with posters insisting on the impeachment to the newly elected president.

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According to the local news outlet UA:Rivne, 16-year-old Darya Kotsyuruba and 20-year-old Roman Filiuk on Saturday, May 25, staged a rally in Rivne protesting against recent appointments by Zelensky. They held posters saying "Ukraine beyond the law," "President should be impeached," "Acting as brothers rather than cronies," "Said. Violated. Resigned."

Chief of Rivne city police department Vasyl Zelinsky said that the two had not been detained but invited to the police station for drawing up a protocol on administrative offences under Article 185-1 for the failure to inform authorities for holding a rally, protest event, and others. What is more, a protocol was issued against Darya Kotsyuruba's mother under Article 184 for bad parenting.