President Victor Yushchenko took part today in All-Ukrainian Builders Chamber congress opening, according to the President`s press-office.

In his address President said: “We proclaim 2008 the year of realizing “Affordable accommodation” program. I am reassured that it will become one of the most successful and modern national programs. I don’t have doubts about its success”.

Speaking about possible ways for builders to contribute to implementation of the program President Yushchenko stressed that first of all they should not raise prices for housing above certain level. Pointing to the fact that current permits issuing system has proven its inadequateness entailing multiple corruptive schemes, frauds and ungrounded rise in prices, he said that it requires implementation of competitive rules.

President also pointed to importance of local self governing bodies’ role in implementation of the program. The responsible bodies, according to him, have to provide land parcels for building housing within the framework of the program free of charge. He also added regarding free land allotment that it would be reasonable to foresee the procedures for that during 2008 budget modification process.