A blunder was spotted in episode 4 / Photo from facebook.com/sergey.doda.3

A Ukrainian viewer has spotted "a time capsule from the future" in HBO's Chernobyl (2019) drama miniseries, pointing out that one of the scenes in episode 4 of the series features "a time capsule from the future" – the Kyiv-based monument to Chornobyl cleanup workers.

"An interesting moment in episode 4 of the Chernobyl series. There is the monument to Chornobyl cleanup workers (enclosed in the circle)," Sergey Doda wrote on Facebook on June 2, sharing a screenshot.

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Chornobyl cleanup workers were civil and military personnel who were engaged in nuclear disaster cleanup works in Chornobyl, Ukraine, in 1986.

According to the Ukrainian Fakty daily newspaper, the monument was made at Kyiv's Khudozhnyk ("Artist") factory on April 26, 2011. It was installed near the Vernadsky library in Kyiv's Holosiyivksy district. The inscription on the monument says: "To Chornobyl cleanup workers who, at the cost of their lives and health, protected mankind from the terrible disaster. We remember your feat."

HBO's Chernobyl is currently ranked as IMDB's highest rated TV series in history with 9.6 points.