Konstantin Kondakov

Moreover, self-education is, of course, very crucial for the realization of this goal. Experts advise to read a lot of specialized literature and to turn your attention not only to the financial and economic components of success, but to the psychological factor as well. Konstantin Kondakov writes specifically about this in his new book The Psychology of Trading. 

This is the third book of the acclaimed financial analyst. His first publication was Learn to Earn in FOREX, where he explains in plain language the ins and outs of working on financial markets, gives practical advice to both the newcomers and professionals. Konstantin himself called it a ‘textbook for the middle classes’. The analyst compares his second book How to View and Forecast the Market to a student textbook. In it, he reveals the secrets and the peculiarities of working the financial and currency markets. The writer called his third book, The Psychology of Trading, which only recently saw the light of day, his doctoral dissertation, due to the importance of its content and the depth of the covered topic.

The Psychology of Trading is a truly fascinating page-turner, since Kondakov shares his own valuable experience with the reader. He provides years’ worth of feelings, emotions and thoughts on the financial markets. The book even includes excerpts from the author’s personal diary, where he writes about the tough times he’d gone through, and how he managed to cope with them. The author believes that we are the reason behind everything that goes on in our lives, which is exactly why we first need to learn how to channel our thoughts and emotions in the right direction. You’ll learn how to do this by reading this book. Therefore, Konstantin Kondakov’s new work will be useful not only to financiers, but to everyone who seeks to achieve something big in life. The author brings up the issues of how to correctly set goals and pursue them, how to deal with failure and overcome obstacles, how to control your emotions and see the bright side to everything.

The presentation of his latest book titled The Psychology of Trading roared throughout Ukraine. Prominent guests, the author’s supporters and financial market enthusiasts attended the event. When asked why his book is devoted to psychology Kondakov replied that “Millions of people control the markets and they, the people, are influenced by a number of fundamental factors: news, analytical conclusions. However, at the end of the day it is the people and the society that bear the responsiblity for guiding the market”.